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forum about the slash around the world, the janto, the mcshep and more.
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 Rules of the forum

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Rules of the forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Rules of the forum Icon_minitimeMon 17 Aug - 20:07

Thanks to comply with the following rules:

- Posts or Private Messages with racist, homophobic or pornographic contents are forbidden. Displaying informations about a member’s private life, without his agreement is also prohibited.
- Insults of any kind are, of course, forbidden.

- Private Messages aren’t meant for advertisement. If you receive any kind of ad, please tell the administrators.

- Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes as much as possible. We don’t all speak the same mother tongue, so everyone must do his best to be understood.
- Please, do not use texting language, for the same reasons as above.

- Don’t post twice in a row: if you forgot to say something, edit your post.
- When editing your post to add something, please beware that the discussion remains understandable. Write “Edit:” in the end of the message, and type the rest of the message.

- Don’t post empty messages. Smileys-only posts are allowed if it remains reasonable.

- Don’t flood: don’t get too much out of topic.

- When asking a question, please be patient enough to let the time to the administrators and/or moderators to answer. Just like you, they’re human beings with private lives.

To avoid the forum overload and allow clarity, your:
- Avatar mustn’t be higher than 200px, larger than 150px, and his resolution mustn’t exceed 10 000 octets.
- Signature mustn’t be higher than 200px, larger than 500px, and his resolution mustn’t exceed 20 000 octets.

If you notice that one of these rules is being broken by any member, please, inform the administrators or the moderators.
A member who is breaking the rules can receive up to five warnings before being banned.

Thanks for your understanding.

my delicious
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Rules of the forum
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