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forum about the slash around the world, the janto, the mcshep and more.
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 Lorne/Zelenka (sga)

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PostSubject: Lorne/Zelenka (sga)   Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Icon_minitimeSat 22 Aug - 10:15

Mac it's for you....and me because i love the pairing, they're cute and sweet together !

Soldier/scientist is a lethal and strong combination, i prefer Z than Parrish, parrish is a little fade for me.

*my fav moment* the daedalus variation

Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Vlcsnap-159686

Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Vlcsnap-159787

Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Vlcsnap-159938

Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Vlcsnap-159998

Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Vlcsnap-160053

Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Vlcsnap-160114

my delicious
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sucker man

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PostSubject: Re: Lorne/Zelenka (sga)   Lorne/Zelenka (sga) Icon_minitimeSat 22 Aug - 14:15

Oh yes! I love it, it's so cute! I've read only 2 or 3 stories about them, and I don't have the links either Razz, but I really , really like this pairing.
That Lorne/ Parish thing, they've had only one scene, right? And sunch an enormous fanbase it had right after that scene! From me, not at all, they say it's because of the great chemistry they have of course, well I don't see it, but the Lorne/zZelenka one is my type of slash. Very Happy
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Lorne/Zelenka (sga)
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