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 Kevin/scotty (brothers & sisters)

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PostSubject: Kevin/scotty (brothers & sisters)   Tue 18 Aug - 22:38

I love them, they're so cute, a real couple in a tv show, married and in love ! they're so sexy, i love matthew and luke is a open gay, he's so sweetie

my delicious
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sucker man

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PostSubject: Re: Kevin/scotty (brothers & sisters)   Tue 18 Aug - 23:03

Oh yes, that's cute! I love Brothers & Sisters, even if I couldn't see almost any of the new season... well, the last one LOL Anyway, they are really sweet together, and I'm really happy that they are not the stereotype, screaming gays which you can see on tv all the time, but real persons.
And ... well, this is not slash, but that scene when Sally Field is preparing for his son's wedding, and she's doing all those flowers and she says something like 'You deserve a real wedding, like everyone else.' I just started to cry, it was so wonderful to hear that!
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PostSubject: Re: Kevin/scotty (brothers & sisters)   Wed 19 Aug - 19:06

I absolutely love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm missing them right now ....
it's just wonderful to finally get a chance to see gay characters out of the closet, just being part of life like everyone else around them .....
It's fresh and absolutely great to be able to say to the world, " see, we have all the same problems, gay or straight, we're all human beings !"

That's the beauty of that show ..... Matthew Rhys as well .... right .... Embarassed
I adore Luke as well, but my welsh boy is so .......... !
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PostSubject: Re: Kevin/scotty (brothers & sisters)   

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Kevin/scotty (brothers & sisters)
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