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 So Happy (Stargate SG-1) Jack/Daniel

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So Happy (Stargate SG-1) Jack/Daniel Empty
PostSubject: So Happy (Stargate SG-1) Jack/Daniel   So Happy (Stargate SG-1) Jack/Daniel Icon_minitimeThu 29 Apr - 0:10

Warnings: MainChar!Death, Multiple!Death, Death Death Death.Slash (J/D)

Also, movie spoiler for Continuum.

Jack and Daniel are tied together across all dimensions, and are willing to give their lives for their principles, especially since every time, an endless eternity of every moment that ever was or will be, and all the quantum impressions of them that have ever been, await on the other side.

Basically, this is a "hero factor" J/D vid where I defy the whole "Jack cant/wont ascend" trope. They think on each other as they were in life and reflect on the personality changes that made theirs a relationship of equals.

Even at the worst, everything really is alright.

Standard disclaimer - I own neither any part of the Stargate franchise nor any part of Gagaland.

Music: "So Happy I Could Die" by Lady Gaga

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So Happy (Stargate SG-1) Jack/Daniel
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