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 Afterthoughts Together Jack/Daniel Stargate 4/? Adult

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Afterthoughts Together Jack/Daniel Stargate 4/? Adult Empty
PostSubject: Afterthoughts Together Jack/Daniel Stargate 4/? Adult   Afterthoughts Together Jack/Daniel Stargate 4/? Adult Icon_minitimeWed 19 Aug - 19:10

Title: Afterthoughts
Pairing Jack/Daniel
Summary: Daniel and Jack are getting closer, well they have less clothes on.
Disclaimer: I do not own stargate and am not making any money from this

Daniel and Jack stared at each other, not sure what to do next. This was new territory for them. They had passed their turning point there was no way of turning back now. It just meant what was going to happen next. Daniel suddenly looked down at himself and realised that he was still wrapped in a towel. Looking up at Jack he saw that his friend was clothed in a leather jacket, tight t-shirt and jeans. Daniel's mouth went dry. Lowering his eyes nervously afraid of what he would see but still not getting the image of how one Col Jack O'Neill looked in that particular outfit. The tip of his tongue darted out of his mouth and wet his lips. A deep groan seemed to echo around the room, he looked up and there were two deep brown eyes mesmerized on his mouth

"Well, this has been a confusing night. As I said - I don't want to take advantage of you when you are in a vulnerable position." Jack suddenly wished he had re-phrased that. Clearly in his mind he could see an image of a sweaty and naked Daniel writhing beneath him but this was nothing new for him it was what he dreamed most nights. He coughed, turned around and walked towards the door. Trying to get away from the temptation that was Dr Daniel Jackson.

"You're right Jack, you should not take advantage." With that, Daniel grabbed hold of the back of Jack's trousers and pulled him roughly back so Jack's back collided with him. He whispered. "I should be the one doing that Colonel."

Gently he blew and then started to nibble and lick Jack's ear. Jack shuddered, his whole body feeling tense, nervous, yet he had never felt more alive or complete before. A smile slowly appeared on his face. He was going to feel a whole lot more complete fairly soon. Suddenly Jack was knocked out of the images that had been running around his mind as his jacket was roughly dragged off him and impatient hands were pulling the t-shirt from his jeans.

Jack realized that he did not need his imagination. He had the real deal trying to get rid of his clothes in as quick a time as possible. Jack turned around raised an eyebrow at his best friend and soon to be lover. "In hurry there, Dannyboy?"

Daniel looked up. "Only to get you out of your clothes. We can take the rest of it real slow. I am very good at doing that," he replied with a wicked glint in his eye. "I know I'm new to this, but as an explorer I like to be very, very thorough, to discover every new place."

Jack smiled as Daniel reached down and started to undo the belt as Jack kicked off his shoes. They stared deeply into each other's eyes. All that could be heard is their deep uneven breathing, breaking the spell as Jack's zip was slowly pulled down and Daniel gently rubbed his hand against Jacks erection underneath his boxers. Jack's jeans and underwear hit the floor landing next to his discarded footwear

"You're kind of overdressed Danny" Jack muttered huskily.

"Ya think?" Daniel replied smugly. Jack reached for the towel that was still wrapped around that trim waist. Daniel smacked the hand away. "Good things come to those who wait."

Jack raised his hands in surrender and let Daniel have his wicked way and - oh boy - he couldn't wait for it. Daniel pushed him backwards until he hit the sofa, and with one last hard shove Jack was sitting down. Daniel was still standing in front of him; Jack was eye to eye with a towel. Daniel looked down at the now naked and fully erect Colonel O'Neill and slowly his hands slid gently up his body till the reached the top of the towel and very gently he released it and the now discarded item fell to his feet.

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Afterthoughts Together Jack/Daniel Stargate 4/? Adult
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