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 Afterthoughts Us Jack/Daniel Stargate 3/? Adult

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Afterthoughts Us Jack/Daniel Stargate 3/? Adult Empty
PostSubject: Afterthoughts Us Jack/Daniel Stargate 3/? Adult   Afterthoughts Us Jack/Daniel Stargate 3/? Adult Icon_minitimeWed 19 Aug - 19:09

Title: Afterthoughts
Pairing Jack/Daniel
Summary: Jack and Daniel go to each other to talk.
Disclaimer: I do not own stargate and am not making any money from this

Daniel slowly walked out of the bathroom rubbing his hair dry with a towel; another one was secured tightly around his trim waist. Quietly he padded into the kitchen and put on the kettle. Softly he sighed trying to get his mind of a particular Colonel. Slowly he moved his head trying to relax his neck muscles to loosen the pain that was there. Suddenly there was a banging at the door Daniel sighed all he wanted was to be left alone, he made his way over and opened the door.

Jack stood staring amazed that he managed to keep his jaw from hitting the floor, or that he was not drooling all over the place.

"Daniel you should not really answer the door like that you don't know who it is going to be" Jack said trying to keep the huskiness out of his voice.

"What" Daniel replied startled his eyes still fixed on the man before him, he then looked down at himself and realised that he was not exactly dressed. "Oh I forgot I just came out of the shower."

Jack smiled and shook his head. "Can I come in?" he asked polite.

"Uhhhh oh yeah sorry" Daniel said moving out of the way to let Jack in and closing the door behind him.

Jack turned and saw Daniel reach up and rub his neck.

"Daniel?" Jack asked concerned.

Daniel looked and saw the worry in his friend's eyes.

"I'm ok Jack just sore," he explained.

"Do you have any massage oil?" Jack asked.

"Ummmmm yes why?" Daniel queried.

Jack grinned. "Because I am going to give you a massage that is why it will help your neck and why do you have oil?"

"Ok and because when we get back from missions I sometimes ache and I am not as fit as the rest of you" he mumbled as he walked towards the bedroom.

"You look fit enough to me" Jack whispered to himself.

"Ok" Daniel said as he came back and handed over the oil.

"Daniel all you have to do is call and I will massage anything that aches" Jack said with a smile.

Daniels head whipped up quickly and he blushed slightly. "Where do you want me?"

"Over on the sofa" Jack said noticing the blush on his friends face. "Interesting" he thought to himself.

Daniel padded over to the sofa and sat down with his back to Jack "Ready whenever you are."

Jack slowly walked to the sofa and sat down, he unscrewed the cap of the oil and drizzled at along Daniel's shoulders and on his neck. Daniel shuddered slightly.

Jack sat mesmerised as the oil droplets slid sensuously down Daniel's muscled back and had to stop his hand following them down to the edge of the towel. He wet his dry lips with the tip of his tongue; Daniel had turned and watched Jack do that he could not drag his gaze from Jack's mouth.

"Daniel?" Jack whispered.

Daniel's eyes flew up to Jack's. "What?" he asked.

"Face the other way please." Jack asked and Daniel turned.

Jack could not help the smile that covered his face. He reached out and rubbed the oil in that covered his friends shoulders, slowly he moved his hands to the neck and with his thumbs in slow, very slow circular motions began to massage the nape of the neck. Daniel's head rolled forward his eyes closed and he moaned.

Jack breathed deeply trying to control himself, his hands of there own accord moved down Daniel's spine his thumbs massaging as they went down. Daniel sat up more and his head lolled back, his ear so close to Jack's mouth he could feel his friends breathe.

Daniel moaned again feeling Jack so close and his feelings been bottled up for so long this simple massage became suddenly very erotic. Suddenly Daniel felt Jack's hands come around each side of his waist, then up and down his back then up to his neck again.

Daniel suddenly stood up almost loosing his towel he quickly grabbed hold of it.

"Daniel" jack said leaning in to whisper in his ear.

Daniel quickly turned and was nose to nose with Jack. Jack slowly leant forward and kissed Daniel gently on the lips that it could just be felt.

Daniel jumped back in total surprise.

Jack looked down and turned and walked towards the door.

"Jack?" Daniel questioned.

"I'm sorry I took advantage. We will just forget it happed" Jack reached out and took hold of the handle of the door.

Jack rushed forward grabbing hold of his friends shoulder.

"Don't go" Daniel whispered.

Jack turned and before he could say anything Daniel leant forward and kissed him just as gently Jack was too stunned to do anything.

Daniel opened his mouth and let his tongue slide sensuously along Jack's full lips. Daniel pulled back and the 2 of them just stared at each other.

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Afterthoughts Us Jack/Daniel Stargate 3/? Adult
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