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 Afterthoughts Too Jack/Daniel PG 2/? Stargate

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Afterthoughts Too Jack/Daniel PG 2/?  Stargate Empty
PostSubject: Afterthoughts Too Jack/Daniel PG 2/? Stargate   Afterthoughts Too Jack/Daniel PG 2/?  Stargate Icon_minitimeWed 19 Aug - 19:07

Title: Afterthoughts
Pairing Jack/Daniel
Summary: Jack's thoughts after fire and water.
Disclaimer: I do not own stargate and am not making any money from this

Daniel as I say his name my heart constricts with the fear of losing him again. I can feel the pain coming but I have to force myself to concentrate, he is not dead he is at his apartment alive and well, recovering from what had happened.

The image is burned into my memory, him reaching out his hand and calling out my name, needing, wanting my help. It is etched into my memory. It is what my nightmares are made of. The person who means more to me then anything and I could not help, I let Daniel die, even now I know that it is not true in my heart and mind I had let him down. I was his protector I am meant to have kept him safe and I failed. I also realised in that time that I had one major regret that I had never told him how I felt. I never had the courage.

I now have a second chance to rectify that but the question is do I? I have one of the best friendships I have ever had in my entire life and it is with Daniel. Should I risk it all?

I do not want to lose my best friend but I truly believe that if I told Daniel he would not let it interfere with our friendship he is not that type of person.

What if I told him that I loved him with all my heart and soul and he told me that he felt the same would it be worth it? Oh boy yes. When I thought he was dead it nearly killed me I could not have managed to keep going through the stargate, the memory of Daniel would have been too much.

No one understood or even knew how deep my feelings ran, how I loved to hear him talk even though I usually did not understand a word of it, How is eyes and his smile brightened up my day no matter what situation we were in.

Daniel brings out the best in me and if there was the remotest possibility that I could see love in his eyes, love for me I would do anything. So I have to tell him, my choice has been made, I believe it always has been since the first day we met we were always meant to reach this point and I never realised. My life from now on is going to be different, be better, I hope.

I have to tell h him how I feel because he knows me so well one look in my eyes and he will know because Daniel knows me better then anyone even myself. It is time to go and see him and tell him what is in my heart and has been in there for a long time and I hope he excepts it, my everything.

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Afterthoughts Too Jack/Daniel PG 2/? Stargate
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