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 The Green Mile 5/5 Clex Smallville Adult

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PostSubject: The Green Mile 5/5 Clex Smallville Adult   Wed 19 Aug - 18:59

Title: The Green Mile
Author: Wereleopard
Email: NC-17
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Challenge: The Green Mile
Summary: Lex meets a prisoner on death row that changes his outlook and his life
A/N: Thanks to Krista for beta’ing this
Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Smallville, Stephen King or Batman. I can dream but it ain’t going to happen. I am not making any money from this, it is just for fun.

Chapter 5

Bruce pulled out a small jar from the cupboard and looked over at the man holding money in his hand.

“I was never here.” Bruce said quietly and waited for the man to nod before he left.


Dick and Toby sat at the duty desk playing cards. The tension was thick, with only the sound of cards slapping against the table as the seconds ticked by.

The door opened and in walked Lex and Bruce carrying cola.

“Fellas thirsty? Fresh out of the icebox.” Bruce grinned at them.

“Oh, thanks. That’s swell.” Dick grinned.

Toby licked his lips. “Yeah, it sure is hot in here.”

Bruce popped the caps off and handed out the cold drinks.

“Hey. Hey, I’m going get some ain’t I?” Morgan asked as he stood at the bars watching the guards drinking.

“My ass you get some too.” Bruce mumbled as he turned his back to the prisoner.

“You think he deserves any?” Lex asked.

Toby picked up the clipboard and his eyes skimmed down it. “Day report says he’s been okay.”

“Hell yeah I’ve behaved. C’mon.” Morgan whined.

Lex shrugged his shoulders. Bruce popped off the top of the bottle and handed it over to Lex who poured it into a tin cup, a cup with white morphine powder in the bottom of it.

Morgan grabbed hold of the cup as soon as it was within reach and gulped down the cold liquid quickly. The guards drank from the bottles pretending not to watch Edge’s cell. It wasn’t long before the prisoner became glassy-eyed, then keeling over onto his bunk.

“Anybody wants to back out, now’s the time. After this, there’s no turning back.” Lex whispered. “One more thing to deal with.”

They started making there way to Lex’s office, pushing the door open they found Lucas sitting on a chair reading a book. He looked up and stared at the three men.

“What’s this?” he demanded.

Lex pulled the canvas straitjacket from behind his back.


Lucas jumped up and tried to escape through the execution chamber but Toby grabbed him and spun him back.

“Let go of me! Let go!” Lucas cried out.

“Settle down Lucas.” Lex said. “C’mon, stick out your arms like a good boy.”

“I won’t and you can’t make me.” Lucas whined.

Bruce stared at him for a moment his eyes cold. “You’re dead wrong about that you know.” He grabbed Lucas’s ears and twisted hard. “You gonna put your arms up? I’ll rip your ears off. Use em’ for tea caddies. You know I will and that’s only what I’ll start with. Do you wanna see how imaginative I can be?”

Lucas jerked his arms up before him. They got the straitjacket on him within seconds. The sound of tape ripping echoed around the room before it was slapped over Lucas’ mouth. They pushed him into the restraint room and slammed the door closed.

“One more time what do you say if somebody comes by?” Lex turned to Dick.

“Kent got upset, so we put him in the restraint room. If they hear any noise, they’ll think it’s him.”

“Good, good.” Lex made a move to walk away but a hand shot out and grabbed him.

“Bring him back to me.” Dick whispered softly as he looked at Bruce.

Bruce smiled, walked back and stroked Dick’s cheek softly. “We have to do this.” He waited for Dick to nod. “I love you, always remember that.” Bending his head, their mouths touched in a sweet kiss.

“I love you too.” Dick touched his mouth memorising the feel, the taste.

Lex placed a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll make sure he comes back to you.”


They slowly made their way to Perry’s house, the door opened and a shadow of a man holding a gun could be seen.

“Who they hell goes there at two-thirty in the goddamn morning?” Perry yelled.

“Perry, it’s us! It’s Lex.” Lex called out hoping that there wouldn’t be any shooting.

“Lex, what the hell are you doing here at this hour?” Perry lowered the gun and took a step forward.

“Perry? Who are you talking to, you fucking cocksucker?” Lois called out from the inside of the house.

“Perry trust me, I can’t explain this to you but please trust me?” Lex begged.

Perry lowered the gun and watched as if he were in a trance as Clark Kent walked past him into the house. He snapped out of it as soon as they started to walk up the stairs.

“Don’t you dare go up there! Don’t you do it.”

Clark turned around and looked down at Perry. “Boss, you just be quiet now and let me be.”

Lex watched as Clark continued up the stairs and opened the bedroom door. He moved quietly and sat on the end of the bed. Tears started to build up in Lois’ eyes.

“What’s your name?” Lois whispered.

“Clark Kent, ma’am.” Slowly he started to bend toward her. “Ma’am?”

“Yes, Clark Kent?”

“I can see it. I can see it.” Clark whispered still moving closer. “You be still now. You be so quiet and so still.” He brushed her forehead with his lips, the gentlest whisper of a kiss then moved his mouth down to hers.

A hot glowing light passed between them. The men watched in silence the scene before them. Clark continued to kiss Lois in a deep and mysterious way. It wasn’t long though before he finally raised his head and to reveal that Lois had become that beautiful woman that she used to be before the illness took hold and ravaged her body.

Clark regarded her raptly for a moment or two, then he started coughing violently. He turned away and dropped to his knees, hacking like a man in the last stages of tuberculosis.

Lex and his men waited, expecting Clark to spit out the ‘bugs’ but he didn’t. He just kept coughing, those deep, hard, awful coughs, barely finding time to snatch in the next breath of air.

Perry went to his wife’s side stunned.

Clark’s coughing grew worse. Bruce moved beside Clark and slapped his broad, spasming back.

“Clark! Sick it up! Cough ‘em out like you done before!” Bruce muttered.

Clark just kept retching, eyes watering from the strain, spit flying from his mouth.

“He’s choking! Whatever he sucked out of her, he’s choking on it!” Lex moved forward at the sound of fear from Bruce. Moving before Clark he placed a hand lovingly on the handsome face, stroking it.

“What’s going on?” Lois asked her voice filled with confusion. “The x-ray?”

“It was clear.” Lex muttered his pain filled eyes still staring at the young man before him, the man he was falling in love with.

Perry burst into tears; Lois sat up, comforting him. Her eyes drawn to Clark and Lex.

“Clark?” Lois whispered surprise in her voice that she knew his name. Pushing back the covers she started to rise but Perry tried to stop her.

“Lois, no.”

She pushed his hand gently aside. Perry watched in wonder as she stood up and took her first tentative step toward Clark, gazing up at him, touching his face.

“I dreamed of you. I dreamed you were wandering in the dark, and so was I. We found each other. We found each other in the dark.” Lois undid her necklace, and Clark lowered his head. She hung the delicate chain around his neck. “It’s a St. Christopher. I want you to have it, Mr Kent, and wear it. He’ll keep you safe. Please wear it for me.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Clark whispered gently fingering the small pendant.

“Thank you, Clark.” Her arms went around his neck, hugging him tightly as if she might never let go.


Lex and the men managed to get Clark out the front door and toward the truck, helping as best they could.

“C’mon, Clark, stay on your feet. Please you can do it.” Lex begged his heart trapped in his throat.

Finally, they got him to the truck and helped him crawl into the back. Lex moved in after him and let Clark’s head lay in his lap as he stroked his fingers through the dark thick mane of hair.


Dean looked up and started babbling in relief to see their return. “Am I glad to see you? You were gone so long.”

Bruce sat watching the fear on Lex’s face knowing that whatever was going to happen to Clark was going to break his friend’s heart and it made him realise just how lucky he was. Dick let out a surprised gasp as Bruce held onto him tightly and kissed him passionately; Dick moaned and melted into his arms.

“Clark, we’re gonna set you on your bunk now. Ready?” Lex whispered.

Clark nodded and sat heavily on the bunk. He lowered his head, his breath rasping.

“Let’s deal with Lucas.” Toby muttered.

“We’ve just got to convince him to keep his mouth shut.” Bruce turned and looked at the restraint room.

They opened the door and Lucas sat there glaring back at them.

“I want to talk, not shout. I take the tape off, you gonna be calm?” Lex asked.

Lucas nodded. Lex took hold of the tape, preparing to yank.

“I was always told if you do it fast, it won’t hurt so much.” Bruce told them helpfully. Lex ripped off the tape and Lucas’s eyes watered with pain. “I guess they were wrong?”

“Get me out of this nut-coat.” Lucas demanded.

“In a minute.” Lex opened his mouth to start speaking again.

“Now! Now! Right n….”

Lex slapped him hard, knocking him sideways. Lucas looked up, blinking in surprise. Lex grabbed him, yanking him back up.

“You shut up and listen. You deserve to be punished for what you did to Jimmy. You’ll accept it like a man, or we’ll make you sorry you were ever born. We’ll tell people how you sabotaged Jimmy’s execution…”

“Sabotaged!” Lucas yelled.

“And how you pissed yourself like a frightened little girl. Yes, we’ll talk that’s a given but, Lucas mind me now…we’ll also see you beaten within an inch of your life.” Lucas blinked. “Let bygones be bygones. Nothing’s hurt so far but your pride and nobody need ever know that except the people in this room.

“What happens on the Mile stays on the Mile. Always has.” Bruce said softly.

“May I be let out of this coat now?” Lucas asked calmly. They unfastened it and he shrugged out trying to maintain his dignity. “My things?”

Lucas stood and headed out onto the Mile.

“He’s gonna talk.” Bruce sighed and watched as Lex nodded in agreement.

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PostSubject: Re: The Green Mile 5/5 Clex Smallville Adult   Wed 19 Aug - 19:00

As Lucas neared Clark’s cell, a muscular arm grabbed him though the bars. His screams brought Lex and the others running from the restraint room. Clark’s face was pressed tightly between the metal rods. Lucas whacked him with his baton but Clark barely felt it. He curled his free hand around the back of Lucas’s head, pulling him closer.

The screams muffled as their mouths come together. Clark began exhaling as if he’d been holding his breath for hours. Lucas jerked like a fish on a hook but couldn’t break lose. The men jumped in trying to get Clark to release him.

The black ‘insects’ flew from Clark to Lucas, swirling into his mouth, up his nose and down his throat. Light bulbs exploded, Lucas’s baton dropped to the floor and then Clark released him, stepping back and rubbing at his mouth as if he’d tasted something bad.

Lucas was ashen grey; his expression blank as a sheet of paper, without a trace of awareness in his eyes.

The men were stunned. Lex raised his hand to Lucas’s face and snapped his fingers. Nothing. He tried again this time clapping loudly. Lucas reacted slightly, eyes fluttering, swaying a bit. He said nothing but turned and slowly walked back up the Mile, his movements vacant and disjointed. He came to a swaying stop at Morgan Edge’s cell and turned to look in.

Morgan slowly came around, groggily clutching at his head, looking up he saw Lucas.

“What’a you looking at, you limp noodle? You wanna kiss my ass or suck my dick?”

Lucas just stared at him vacantly, before pulling his gun and emptying it into Morgan. Edge took six rounds in the chest, reeling back across the cell. He hit the wall and slid down, leaving a smear, his face registering a final look of stunned surprise.

Lex and the others tackled Lucas bringing him down, wrestling the gun out of his hand.

Dick was almost weeping: “Oh god, oh god, no.”

Lucas was flat on his back, staring up at nothing. The black ‘bugs’ came drifting out of his nose and mouth, swirling in the air of his head turning white and disappearing.

“Why Morgan Edge?” Lex asked.

“I saw in his heart. I saw what Morgan Edge done. Saw plain as day. Can’t hide what’s in your heart.” Clark whispered.

“What? Saw what?” Lex wanted to know.

Clark reached out towards him, straining though the bars.

“Take my hand, boss. You see for yourself.”

“Lex, no!” Bruce called out.

Lex hesitated, torn between reason and Clark’s pleading eyes.

“My hand.” Clark whispered, pleading.

Lex couldn’t stop himself. He had to. Their hands came together. Lex lurched wildly as what seemed like a current passed between them.

“No…please…” Lex panted.

“Gots to, boss. Gots to give you a little bit of myself. A gift. A gift of what’s in me so you can see.”


The Fordham twins laughing and playing hopscotch in the dust under a late afternoon sun. A hand with a paint brush slopping bright red paint on the side of a barn. Cora skipping to the head of the hopscotch squares, turning and starting back, laughing in the sun.

The paint brush slopping more paint, dripping like blood. Lana’s voice clearly rings through the air to come and eat, supper’s ready. The girls finish their game, gathering their jump ropes from the dust, running across the yard. The little girls run past the man with the paintbrush who turns and smiles as they go by.

Morgan Edge.

The basket of biscuits are passed around the table. Morgan reaches out takes one and bites into it smiling as the little girls’ conversation flows around the table.


Lex screamed trying to pull away, trying to escape what he knew was to follow but Clark’s grip was to strong he can’t break free.


The porch door is kicked off its hinges just before dawn; Morgan looms in the doorway staring down at the sisters. Cora wakes, her scream is cut short as his fist punches her hard in the face.

Morgan standing over them, loving the smell of fear he can sense, the terror in their eyes. This was the biggest turn on of all.

“You love your sister? You make any noise, know what happens. I’ll kill her instead of you.” He turns to the other sister. “And if you make any noise, I’ll kill her.”

He drags the two tiny figures out into the coming dawn.


Clark let go of Lex’s hand. Lex was gasping back in the real world where his men were staring at him with wide eyes.

“You see now?” Clark asked and watched as Lex nodded. “That’s how it is ever’ day. That’s how it is all over the worl’...”

It didn’t take long for Perry to arrive, the police photographer was already there taking pictures and the guards were giving their statements.

“Well, I dunno, he just snapped, I guess.” Dick muttered quietly.

“Bastard grabbed him through the bars a few days back, scared the boy so bad he wet himself.” Bruce answered the officer’s question.

Perry turned and saw Lucas sitting handcuffed on the floor of the Mile, eyes glassier than Morgan Edge’s while two cops were trying to snap him out of it. A medic was raising Lucas’ eyelid with his thumb, shining a penlight and getting no reaction.

“I think this boy’s cheese slid of his cracker,” the medic muttered to himself.

Perry saw Lex and motioned him aside to talk to him privately.

“I’ll cover you as much as I can, even if it means my job, but I have to know does this have anything to do with what happened at my house.” Perry asked watching Lex carefully.

Lex looked at Perry in the eye and the lie came easily to his lips.



Lucas was wheeled carefully into his room at Briar Ridge Mental Hospital, he was put next to the window and still there was no reaction from him whatever.

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PostSubject: Re: The Green Mile 5/5 Clex Smallville Adult   Wed 19 Aug - 19:00

“You saw him. You actually saw Morgan Edge take those girls?” Bruce asked disbelief still evident in his voice.

“Their father hired him for a few days last spring, help repair the barn. Cheap labour, just another drifter,” Lex’s voice faded off.

“Only not.” Bruce felt sick to his stomach.

“Sick bastard came back a month later, just before dawn. Took the girls…did what he did.” Lex swallowed back down the bile. “Clark found them afterwards and tried to help. It was too late.”

“Clark’s an innocent man. What are we going to do?” Dick looked around at his friends.

“There’s no way out of this for you is there?” Bruce asked Lex.

“No. I’ve been thinking about it. Tell you the truth I’ve done some things in my life that I’m not proud of, but this is the first time I’ve ever felt in real danger of hell,” Lex choked out.

“Hell? Lex talk to him, talk to Clark. Find out what he wants?” Toby said as he stood up.


Clark looked up and saw Lex standing there.

“Hello boss.”

“Hello Clark.”

Bruce unlocked the cell and Lex entered.

“I guess you know we’re coming down to it now, another couple of days. Is there anything special you’d like for dinner that night? We can rustle you up most anything.”

“Meatloaf be nice. Mashed taters with gravy. Okra, maybe. I’s not picky.”

“What about a preacher? Someone you could say a little prayer with?” Lex asked.

“Don’t want no preacher. You can say a prayer, if you want, I guess.”

“Me?” Clark looked at him. “S’pose I could, if it came to that,” Lex fidgeted for a moment. “Clark I have to ask you something very important right now.”

“I know what you gonna say. You don’ have to say it,” Clark smiled a sweet smile at him giving Lex a way out.

“I do. I do have to. Clark, tell me what you want me to do. You want me to take you out of here? Just let you run away? See how far you can get?”

Clark glared at him. “Why would you do such a foolish thing?”

Lex hesitated, emotions swirling across his features trying to find the right words.

“On the day of my judgement, when I stand before God and He asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles, what am I gonna say? That it was my job? My job?”

“You tell God the Father it was a kindness you done,” Clark took hold of Lex’s hand, gently stroking his thumb to and fro across the other man’s knuckles.

“I know you hurtin’ and worryin’, I can feel it on you, but you oughtta quit on it now. Because I want it over and done. I do.”

Clark stroked the other hand across Lex’s cheek, letting his thumb swipe across Lex’s mouth.

“I’m tired, boss. Tired of bein’ on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. Tired of not ever having me a buddy to be with, or tell me where we’s coming from or going to, or why. Mostly I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world ever’ day. There’s too much of it. It’s like pieces of glass in my head all the time. Can you understand?”

Lex blinked back the tears. “Yes, Clark. I think I can.”

“There must be something we can do for you, Clark. There must be something you want?” Bruce asked from the other side of the bars.

Clark looked at Lex and blushed. Lex bent his head forward trying not to think about them kissing, touching, their bodies wrapped around each other till their climaxes hit and they screamed out each others’ names in ecstasy.

Bruce laughed at the two of them. “Well, I don’t think we can arrange that.”

“Well I ain’t never seen me a flicker show.”


Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced on a big screen, images flowing in a magical black and silver tone as Fred sang.

Heaven, I'm in heaven...and my

heart beats so that I can hardly


Lex sat and watched Clark who glanced back and smiled every so often.

“Why, they’s angels. Angels. Just like up in heaven.” Clark whispered in awe.

Fred and Ginger danced passionate and gracefully. Lex leaned over and whispered in Bruce’s ear who turned and nodded to him.

Bruce stood up and went over to Clark taking off his chains.

“Dance with me Clark?” Lex held out his hand.

Clark’s smile lit up the dark room, as he took hold of Lex’s hand and stood pulling Lex to him.

Lex wrapped his arm around Clark’s neck and felt strong arms wrap around his waist.

“Are you my angel, boss?”

“It’s Lex.” Lex pulled back and looked Clark in the eyes as they swayed together with the music, held together so tightly that not even light filtered through between them.

“Lex.” Clark whispered as he moved his head forward, their mouths touched, arms tightening around each other. Holding on, afraid to let go. The kiss started off slow, exploring each other, tasting, memorising.

It didn’t take long before it grew into something more passionate; hands roaming over each other, touching, caressing. Neither of them wanting to pull away, not wanting this to end.

Dick stood off to the side, held by the man he loved and watched the two men dance. Two men who had fallen in love with each other knowing that tomorrow they would not see each other ever again. Lex would have to stand by helplessly and watch the man he loved be electrocuted.

It made Dick realise just how lucky he was to have Bruce at his side. Tears fell from his eyes for the love that was about to end and he knew deep down that if Lex and Clark had been able to love each other a lifetime it would never have been enough, their love would have been the stuff of legends.

The guards just watched and felt their hearts break as the two men danced and kissed. No one made a sound, not wanting to break the spell.


Lex appeared at the bars with Bruce, Toby and Dick. They stood there quietly not saying a word. Clark knew that they were here, so he rose up as Bruce unlocked the cell and slid the door open. Clark stepped out, looked around at their dazed and sad faces.

“I be all right, fellas. This here’s the hard part. I be all right in a little while.”

Lex gestured at Clark, indicating the St Christopher medal around Clark’s neck.

“Clark, I should have that just for now. I’ll give it back after.”

“Lex I want you to have it, to remember me by.”

Tearfully, Lex removed the necklace and Clark gently placed it around Lex’s neck. “You know, I fell asleep and had me a dream. I dreamed about Jimmy’s mouse.”

“Did you Clark?”

“I dreamed he go down to that place that Boss Wayne talked about, the Mouseville place. I dreamed there was kids, and how they laughed at his tricks! My!” Clark laughed loud and freely, the laughter faded and his face had a serious look. “I dreamed that those two little blonde-headed girls were there. They was laughing too. I put my arms around ‘em and sat ‘em on my knees, and there was no blood and they was fine. We all watched Mr Jingles roll that spool, and how we did laugh. Fit to bus’, we was.”

Dick stifled a sob from behind them as they made their way to the execution chamber.

“Die slow, you bastard.” Lana called out.

Clark faltered as Lex and Bruce brought him to the chair.

“There’s a lot of folks here hate me. A lot. I can feel it. Like bees stinging me. It hurts.”

“Feel how we feel then. We don’t hate you, can you feel that?” Bruce whispered.

“Kill him twice, you boys! You go on and kill that raping baby-killer twice, that’d be fine!” Whitney yelled as he pulled his wife into his arms.

“Clark what do you feel when you think of me?” Lex whispered.

Clark closed his eyes for a moment, opened them and turned to stare into Lex’s eyes.

“Love, it’s love.”

Lex and Bruce turned Clark around and sat him down. He noticed Dick was crying, his back to the witnesses. They knelt to apply the leg clamps, while Bruce and Toby secured the arms.

“Wipe your face before you stand up Dick.”

Dick nodded, wiping his face with the sleeve of his coat. They rose, stepping back.

“Roll on one.” Lex called out, the lump in his throat almost choking him. The lights flared hotter and brighter.

“Clark Kent you have been condemned to die in the electric chair by a jury of your peers. Sentence imposed by a judge in good standing in this state. Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out?”

“I’m sorry for what I am.” Clark whispered.

Lex’s heart clenched painfully in his chest as he watched Bruce take the mask from the hook to draw it over Clark’s head.

“Please boss, don’t put that thing over my face. Don’t put me in the dark. I don’t want the last thing I see is blackness I want it to be…” Clark stopped and looked at Lex.

“Love.” Lex whispered and nodded, straining to hold back tears.

The cap was taken away, the straps drawn. Clark was breathing fast, terrified, muttering under his breath but his eyes remained on Lex.

“Heaven, I’m in heaven, heaven, heaven.” Clark repeated over and over.

Oliver was poised at the switch waiting for the order to come. Lex was staring at the man he had fallen for unable to say the words, pain lodged in his chest.

“Lex. You have to say it. You have to give the order.” Bruce whispered.

Lex couldn’t. He reached out and touched Clark’s hand. Their fingers clasped. In that moment, staring into his eyes Lex heard the last thoughts that would ever go through Clark’s head.

“He kill ‘em with their love. That’s how it is ever’ day. All over the worl’. I always felt so alone, I never felt loved until you Lex. I will always be with you and will always love you.”

Their fingers disengaged. Lex stepped back, eyes still locked on Clark and he said the hardest words he’d ever spoken, words that broke his heart, words that took his love.

“Roll on two.”

Oliver threw the switch. Clark surged forward, fingers splayed and jittering. Lights began blowing out all over the Mile, raining shattered glass and sparks. Some of the witnesses screamed. Clark’s eyes were still locked on Lex’s, riding the lightning all the way. He finally slumped and Oliver killed the current.

Clark’s expression was peaceful, as if he were sleeping. A final pair of tears drifted gently down his cheeks.


Lex gently placed a kiss on Clark’s lips and then wheeled him down the tunnel. Lex drove home that night his heart numb. Once he got inside his home he finally broke, sliding to the floor sobbing as he stroked the medal around his neck.


“That was the last execution I ever took part in. Just couldn’t do it anymore after that. Bruce either. We both transferred out, took jobs with Boys’ Correctional. That was all right. Catch ‘em young that became my motto. Might even have done some good.”

Chloe sits opposite watching him carefully.

“You don’t believe me.”

“I don’t imagine you would lie to me Lex. It’s just that…”

“It’s quite a story.” Lex smiled at her.

“Yes, quiet a story.” Chloe paused for a moment. “In 1935 you were…..”

“The math doesn’t work, does it?”

Chloe shook her head.

“You feel up to a walk?”


Lex took Chloe along the wooded bath into view of the storage shacks.

“There. It’s in there.”

“Lex? This is what you wanted to show me?”

He offered his hand and she took it. They opened the door of the shack and walked in, where Lex touched her arm, directing her attention.


Chloe moved closer and saw an old cigar box on the floor.

“Hey. Wake up, old boy. Wake up.”

A mouse poked his head out; his fur once brown is now all gray.

“Lex? It isn’t. It can’t be...”

Lex got down on the floor and held out his hand. “Come over here, boy. Come on over and see this lady.”

“This can’t be Mr Jingles.”

Lex said nothing, just pulled a spool from his pocket.

“Messieurs et Mesdames. Beinvenue au cirque de mousie.”

Lex tossed the spool; the mouse reached it, went around and started pushing it back to Lex.

“This isn’t exactly the Mouseville we had in mind, but we make do don’t we old fella.”

“But I.” Chloe stuttered for a moment and then stopped speaking.

“I think Mr Jingles happened by accident. I think when we electrocuted Jimmy and it all went so badly. Well, Clark could feel it and I think a tiny part of whatever was inside of him just leapt out. Me, I was no accident. Clark had to give me a little part of himself, a gift so I could see what Morgan Edge had done. When Clark did that, a part of whatever power worked through him spilled into me.”

“He infected you with life?”

“That’s as good as word as any. He infected us both, didn’t he, Mr Jingles, with life. I’m a hundred and five years old Chloe. I was forty the year that Clark Kent walked the Green Mile.”

“Oh my god.”

“I’ve watched my friends die and you, Chloe. You’ll die too and my curse is knowing I’ll be there to see it.”


Lex stood in a dark suit walking up to the open casket and inside was Chloe Sullivan.

“That’s my punishment, you see? My punishment for letting Clark Kent ride the lightning, for killing a miracle of God.” Lex laid a rose in the casket. “You’ll be gone like all the others and I’ll have to stay. I’ll die eventually when I have finally earned my redemption and when I do Clark will be waiting for me and we can finally can be together. I wish and pray for it everyday.”


Empty and silent. Young Lex walked the Mile alone, listening to the quiet. He paused, seeing something.

“Mr Jingles. Where have you been? I’ve been worried about you. You hungry?” Lex picked him up, turned and headed back up the Green Mile carrying the mouse in his hands.


Old Lex carrying Mr Jingles through the corridor of the nursing him holding the little mouse the same way he did over 60 years ago.

“I just want all of this to end.” Lex whispered to himself. “If you can live this long, how long will I live for?” He muttered to Mr Jingles who stared at him from the cigar box. He gasped as a ghostly image of a young Clark Kent stood there smiling, holding out his hand. “Maybe I’m not going to have to long to wait, to be with you,” Lex lied down and closed his eyes hoping that he wouldn’t wake up tomorrow.

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The Green Mile 5/5 Clex Smallville Adult
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