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 The Green Mile 3/5 Clex Smallville Adult

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PostSubject: The Green Mile 3/5 Clex Smallville Adult   Wed 19 Aug - 18:55

Title: The Green Mile
Author: Wereleopard
Email: NC-17
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Challenge: The Green Mile
Summary: Lex meets a prisoner on death row that changes his outlook and his life
A/N: Thanks to Krista for beta’ing this
Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Smallville, Stephen King or Batman. I can dream but it ain’t going to happen. I am not making any money from this, it is just for fun.

Chapter Three

Lex turned and led his men away back up the mile toward his office.

“Dick, run Jimmy up to the infirmary and see if his fingers are broken.”

“Of course they’re broken, I heard the damn bones crack. Goddamn Lucas.” Bruce growled.

“You hear what he was yelling as he led the prisoner in?” Toby asked the others.

Lex looked at the elder man, shaking his head ruefully. “How could I miss it? The whole prison heard.”

Bruce snorted at his friend’s answer, the tension breaking around them and slowly it forced smiles from the other two men.

“He might be your brother but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to have to answer for sending him off the Mile. He’s going to cause trouble over this, Lucas hates being in your shadow.” Bruce’s eyes narrowed at Lex but still showed of concern.

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Right now I wanna hear about the new inmate…aside from his looks, ok?” Lex looked at them.

“I bet under those clothes there is a hell of a body - if it wasn’t for Dick I would be tempted. Hell, I still am tempted.” Bruce laughed out loud.

“Yeah and if Dick found out that’d be your last time of ever having sex with anyone.” The bald guard grinned.

“But I bet it would be worth it.”

Lex finally stopped laughing. “He seems meek enough.”

Toby turned and stared out at nothing. “Meek or not, he deserves to fry for what he done. Here….” He tossed a pair of manila envelopes on the desk before Lex—Kent’s file. “…make your blood curdle and you sick to your stomach, it does.”


Lex finally made it out of the Mile and into the prison yard, where the sun was beating down but he didn’t notice. The wood bleachers were hard beneath him, the manila folders open on his knees, and slowly he began to read.


Whitney walked away from his house to the barn, a milking pail swinging in his hands. Grabbing the door he opened it and walked in.

“WHITNEY.” A woman’s scream shattered the silence into a million pieces.

Whitney rushed out of the barn dropping the pale, the milk soaking into the dirt, he ran as fast as he could toward his house. Bursting through the door he stared at his frantic wife.

“What? God sakes Lana, what?” Whitney growled angrily his eyes still full of panic.

“The girls! The girls are gone!” Lana sobbed dragging her husband through the house to a screened-off porch area.

“Dad look!” Howie said as he pointed.

Whitney froze stunned and horrified. His brain tried to make sense of what his eyes saw - blood splattered on the floor and the screen door hanging off its hinges…

“Oh my god.” He moaned as his heart sank, fear in his throat choking him.

Turning he walked back into the house, Lana fell to her knees sobbing incoherently. Whitney grabbed the shotgun shells and picked up the .22 rifle he had gotten for Christmas, which now seemed a lifetime ago.

“Goddam it, woman, get on the phone now! You tell ‘em we headed west! Are you listening to what I am saying! West.”

Lana clambered off her knees and stumbled through the house, grabbing for the phone watching as her husband and son disappeared towards the porch.

“Central! Central, are you on the line? Oh, god, please, somebody took my little girls,” Lana wept down the line, hoping and praying that they would be ok.

Whitney heard his wife on the phone, with a quick look at his son and a nod they followed the blood splatters across the yard. Soon they were joined by other men, also armed as they continued their search and it wasn’t long before he stopped. A little scrap of pale yellow fabric that was flapping in the wind, he turned and screamed.

“Oh, lord, this belongs to Katie...”

The men checked their weapons and reloaded where needed . Fear could be felt in the air, all of them afraid of what they would find. Whitney ran, the others following his lead towards the river.

They emergd from the treeline, an inhuman howl echoing around them. Slowly they moved closer to that awful sound…

They stopped, horror written across their features:

Clark Kent sat on the riverbank in bloody overalls, his huge feet splayed out. Howling, his face twisted in grief.

Curled in his arms were the naked bodies of Whitney’s 9 year-old twin girls, their blonde hair matted to their heads with blood.

Whitney’s eyes flashed with absolute hatred, he lunged down the riverbank in a headlong rush. Some of the other men tried to grab hold of him, but he managed to slip through their grasps, like smoke through fingers. He threw himself at Clark punching and kicking every available surface.

Some of the other men finally managed to drag him off Clark. Whitney fell to his knees, sobbing into his hands. Howie ran into his father’s arms, they hugged each other tightly overwhelmed with grief.

Clark looked up his eyes full of pain. “I couldn’t help it. I tried to take it back but it was too late.”

Whitney stared with disgust at Clark then spait in his face.


“Can I interrupt?” A voice said.

Lex looked up and found Warden Perry White standing before him.

“I’m just about done.” Lex closed the file and indicated for the other man to sit. “So how is that pretty gal of yours?”

“Lois is not doing well, Lex. Not well at all. She got laid up with another headache yesterday. Worst one yet. She’s also developed this weakness in her right hand.” Perry’s voice hitched ever so slightly, the older man forcing himself not to cry, not to think about the worst case scenario.

“Doctor still think its migraines?” Lex asked but knew by the look on the other man’s face what the answer was going to be.

Perry shook his head. “I’ll be taking her to get some tests in the next day or so. X-rays and the like. She is scared to death. Truth be told, so am I.”

Lex laid a hand on the other man’s shoulder. “If it’s something they can see with an x-ray, maybe it’s something they can fix.

“Maybe.” But Perry’s voice didn’t sound full of hope. Holding out his hand he gave a letter to Lex. “This just came in. D.O.E on Willowbrook.”

Lex glanced across and saw the man in question, scanning down the letter he nodded. “You didn’t come all the way down her just to hand me a D.O.E.”

“No. I had an angry call from the state capital about twenty minutes ago. Is it true that you ordered your brother off the block?”

“It is.”

“I’m sure you had reason and I know that you don’t get on with your father but like it or not Lucas does. Do I need to tell you how this lays out?” Perry asked staring into the silver-grey eyes of the prison guard.

“Baby brother called daddy and squealed like a schoolroom sissy. Did he also mention that this morning he assaulted a prisoner out of sheer petulance? Broke three fingers on Jimmy Olsen’s left hand.” Lex asked.

Perry glanced down at the floor and then back up. “I didn’t hear that part. I’m sure your father didn’t either.”

“I bet my father gave him a pat on the back for that little extra touch. Lucas is mean, careless and stupid. You know as well as I do, that is a bad combination in a place like this. Sooner or later he’s gonna get somebody hurt. Or worse.”

“You and Bruce Wayne will make sure that never happens.”

“Easy enough to say. We can’t watch him every minute, Perry.”

“Stick with it. May not be much longer. I have it on good authority that Lucas has an application in at Briar Ridge.”

“The mental hospital? You sure he isn’t going in as a patient?” Lex chuckled.

Perry managed to keep the smile off his face. “Administration job. Better pay.”

“Then why is he still here? He could get that application pushed through, hell with my father’s connections he could have any job in the state he wants. I’ll tell you what I think. I think he just wants to see one cook up close.”

Perry looked across at Willowbrook. “Well, he’ll get his chance then, won’t he? Maybe then he’ll be satisfied and move on. In the meantime, you’ll keep the peace.”

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Lex.”

Perry stood up, brushing the yard dust off his trousers.

“You give my love to Lois, ok? I bet that x-ray turns out to be nothing at all.”

Perry walked away his shoulders slumped as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Lex lifted the letter. “Date of execution.” He mumbled to himself.


Lex laid in his bed, alone; his stomach aching from all the times that he had been sick. He knew Bruce was worried about him, and had asked when he was going to see the doctor but Lex had lied, had told him that he was getting better. He also knew that Bruce didn’t believe him and at some point he was going to have to see about it.


Lex and Dick carefully performed maintenance on Old Sparky, cleaning the connectors, waxing the arms but they both stop as laughter drifted over to them.

“Lex? Dick?” Bruce called softly to them

The two other men walked over to him and followed his gaze down the Mile, they didn’t see anything. Lex and Dick both turned to Bruce at the same time, their faces full of confusion.

“He’s right there.” Bruce pointed.

Lex and Dick turn once again, and this time they see it: A tiny brown mouse coming up the Mile. It moved a short distance, peered right and then left, then moved quickly.

“It ain’t normal for a mouse to come up on people that way. Maybe it’s rabid.” Dick muttered his eyes not moving away from the tiny animal.

Bruce turned to him, disbelief written across his features. “Oh, my Christ. The big mouse expert. The Mouse Man. You can see it foaming at the mouth?”

Dick leaned forward slightly, his eyes narrowing as he stared. “I don’t see its mouth at all.”

Lex and Bruce started to laugh, Dick turned and glared at them. The mouse stopped near them and peered up. The three men fell silent, watching it, fascinated. Willowbrook woke up, then quietly sat up and watched.

Bruce tore off a piece of his sandwich and dropped it on the floor.

“Aw, Bruce, no! We’ll be hip-deep in mice around here.” Dick whined.

Bruce turned to Lex. “I just wanna see what he’ll do. In the interest of science.”

Lex shrugged his shoulders and continued to watch, the mouse grabbed the scrap, sat on his hind legs and started to nibble away. Once he finished the little creature turned and scurried back down the Mile, slipping underneath the door that led to the restraint room.
“He’s in the damn restraint room. You know he’s gonna be chewing the padding out of the walls and making himself a nice little nest.”

Bruce turned sheepishly towards Lex.

“All right let’s get the damn mouse.” Lex sighed as he strode down the corridor, the two other guards close behind him. Clark awoke watching what was going on.

“Saw a mouse go by.” Clark muttered rubbing his sleepy eyes, making sure that he hadn’t been seeing things.

Lex unlocked the door, pulling it open to reveal a padded room filled with storage: cleaning supplies, tables, chairs. Bruce shrugged of his jacket. Lex picked up a broom and handed it to Dick.

“Watch the door, and don’t let that mouse past you.”

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The Green Mile 3/5 Clex Smallville Adult
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