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 What to do with Torchwood 1/? PG Janto

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PostSubject: What to do with Torchwood 1/? PG Janto   Wed 19 Aug - 18:50

Title: What To Do With Torchwood?
Authors: Lea and James

Summary: Torchwood One is being rebuilt and Ianto has been called back to his old job leaving his friends and loved ones back in Cardiff.

Spoilers: Torchwood season one and two and just to be safe all of Dr Who

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood or Dr Who after I play with them I promise to bring them back all shiny and new. I don’t have any money so please do not sue.

Chapter One

The large building stood majestically against the green hills, the blue cloudless sky. The sun’s rays warmed the two people who sat in the large garden. The male was sitting at the edge of a flowerbed removing weeds.

A woman slowly raising a cool drink to her mouth as the information she had requested on her computer appeared on the screen before her.

“Well I have the list of people who are at Torchwood 2, 3 and 4. It also includes the list of people who are Torchwood agents and those who survived Canary Wharf and that haven’t been retconned.” Her voice was English but had no distinct accent.

The man looked over at her. “Who are the most qualified to train the new recruits?”

The printer that was connected to her computer made a whirl as it spat out a paper with a list of names.


Two cloaked figures slowly moved through the shadows examining the glass display cases, looking for something. The torch light hit a small puzzle box. They had found what they were looking for. “About time.” A female voice declared as she punched the glass it shattered and pieces fell to the ground like rain drops a she reached in and took the item, “they are going to fill this whole place with concrete and wipe it off the map.” The man pressed some buttons on his wrist device and an event horizon appeared as they stepped through the wormhole back to their home base, just as the concrete started to fill the room.


A woman knelt on the muddy ground looking into the darkness that surrounded her, a twig snapped and her head whipped around to the direction that it came from. A breeze ruffled her hair, a smirk appeared on her face, raising her head slightly she sniffed the air. Turning around she ran into the darkness after her prey.


A woman stared down at the book in front of her, sighing she slammed it shut. “Another dead end.” Rubbing her eyes and looking down at the list of books she still needed to read through. Raising her eyes to look at the book shelf she lifts her hand, a book escape its confines and floats across the room and into her palm. Placing it on the table she opens it and starts to read.


A young petite woman her blonde hair laying across her keyboard, eyes closed, deep asleep. Monitors surrounding her, images and footage flashing on the screens. A loud beeping noise wakes her up from her dreamless sleep an event horizon opens and two cloaked figures appeared.

“What the hell took you so long?” She muttered.


Jack sat at his desk looking though his paperwork, his phone rings. Picking up the receiver and places it to his ear. “Yes.” He mutters distractedly. His eyes widen with shock, they flash with anger. “What do you mean you are taking Ianto, you can’t have him, he’s mine.”

His face pales as he throws it across the room. “Ianto!” He yells, his voice echoing around the hub.

Ianto pokes his head around the office door. “Yes, you yelled Jack. Do you need more coffee?”

“I want you to tell me, why Torchwood One has just blackmailed me to get you back working for them?”

Ianto opened and closed his mouth a few times, his mind a blank. “What do they want me for?”

“Well I was actually hoping that you could have told me that.”

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What to do with Torchwood 1/? PG Janto
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