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 The Fifth Element Janto Adult 4/?

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PostSubject: The Fifth Element Janto Adult 4/?   Wed 19 Aug - 18:41

Title: The Fifth Element Torchwood style

Author: Wereleopard

Rating: will be nc-17

Pairing: Jack/Ianto,

Spoilers: Ummm all of Torchwood cause you need to know the characters and the film The Fifth Element

Summary: Jack Harkness, a taxi driver gets dragged back into his ex-military life style when a perfect stranger lands in his cab going by the name of Ianto.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Torchwood, or The Fifth Element. I wish.

Chapter 4

The remote-control camera approaches his face, a flash goes off. A blinding flash making the Supreme Being jump and dart into a corner. As the camera retreats, he reaches out to try and touch it. He moves slowly towards it, trying to grab it but his hands keeps hitting against the glass.

“Ouacra cocha o dayodomo binay ouacra mo cocha ferji akba ligounai makta keratapla." Tokemata tokemata! Seno santonoi-aypa! Minoi ay Cheba! Givomana seno!” He mutters.

Munro turns to Dr Jones. “What’s he saying?”

Martha looks at her assistant. “Activate the phonic detector.”

Munro glances at the man nervously. “Is that thing solid?”

“Unbreakable.” Martha says her eyes remaining on the almost naked man behind the glass.

“Good.” Munro says with a smile as he pulls his card out of the slot and advances to the tube.

“Teno akta chataman assin-omekta!” The Supreme says but suddenly becomes quiet as a man approaches him.

Munro tapes on the glass. “If you want out, you are going to have to learn to develop those communication skills.” He waves his pass in front of him, still smirking.

The man inside watches the pass carefully, his hands placed on the glass he leans forwards, a deep growl comes from inside of him, his eyes dark and magnetic staring at the General. His hand pulls back smashing through the glass grapping the Generals top, gripping hold of it and pulling it towards him. The General’s head smashes against the glass.

Reaching out he turns the switch and the glass tube retracts.

“General alert!” One of the assistants hits the alarm. The doors open and the security teams run in armed.

Moving away from them, the young man climbs down on the other side of the tube. Eyes flashing between all of them, memorizing and clocking them in case he needs to fight. His eyes meet Martha’s, she just watches them. Suddenly, he turns runs and dives through part of the wall that is for ventilation.

“Perfect.” Martha mutters the image of the good-looking man, wearing very small thermal bandages around his groin area, up to his chest and wide shoulders and down each thigh.

The police walk through the corridors the captain stops, a ladder comes down in front of him. He grips hold of it. “Two men with me, the rest of you main ventilation.” He orders.

“Yes sir.” Two men stay behind and follow him as he heads up the ladder, the others continue down the corridor heading towards the main ventilation.


Bending down, the Supreme Being runs through the pipes looking for a way out. All the circular metal tubes looking exactly the same. Moving through a hatch to another tubes he sees a grate at the end. Reaching the end he kicks it down and climbs out onto the ledge.

He takes a deep breath eyes wide with fear at the scene in front of him, the tall buildings, flying cars. He had never seen anything like it. Looking down the lanes of traffic were continuous, he couldn’t see the ground at all.

“Ok sir, stay calm this is the police. There is nowhere else to go, you are going to slowly turn around and put your hands on the floor. Do you understand me?”

He bends down and looks back through the hole, seeing an armed man. With one more look he stands and casually walks away.

“He doesn’t” The policeman sighed.

The Supreme Being walks around the corner, on a tiny little ledge looking around in wonder at what this world now looked like. Jumping back slightly, eyes wide as a train went past him and headed down the side of the building.

The policeman pokes his head out of the hole and looks around. “I think we’re going to need a flying unit here.

A police car suddenly appears, a light flashing making him temporarily blind.

“We are processing you identification please keep your hands up and follow our instructions.” They look down at the monitor as it takes a picture of the nearly naked man and running it through their database. No File flashes across the screen.

“He has no file.”

The man looks around and then down, taking a deep breath he dives off.

“He dove off.” The police car turns and follows.


Jack grips hold of the wheel tightly as something hit and crashed through the roof of his cab.

“You have just had an accident.” The computer says.

“Yes I know I’ve just had an accident you daffy bastard. You have one more point on your license.” Jack repeats with the computer.

Finally, he manages to find somewhere to stop he puts the taxi on automatic and rubs the back of his neck.

Turning around he looks at the roof and then glances to see if he can see anything or anyone in the back of his cab. “Any survivors?”

A large male hand appears, soon followed by a face. Jack swallows and stares at the gorgeous man. “Hi.” He whispers. “You ok.”

The man gives a huge smile that lights up his whole face. Jack feels his heart pounding louder and louder in his chest.

“Mena a loyin, a saca na tuin. Akina delutan, nou-shan. A kaspa ta duan che a mela masa taka. Leguan ela fredge lucarna sa la harmes. Suk, Suk. Do ca me ta mala pas meta lala tre quico harnose stat un duwam mal jalingo boom.” He suddenly looked at Jack, expectingly.

“Boom, I understand boom.” Jack muttered not understanding a word he said and not really caring.

“Bad-ah boom.” The Supreme Being muttered.

“Big bad-ah boom.”

“Big bad-ah big boom.” His blue eyes sparkled, his face full of delight staring at the taxi driver.

“Yeah big badah boom.” Jack wished that there was not the partition between them.

“Badah boom.”

Slowly memorizing every detail of the stranger in his cab, his heart beating a little faster. “You’re lucky, you’re not dead.” Jack stared at the young man.

A siren goes of behind him, Jack turns and blinks into the light that is shining into his cab.

“This is a police control.” A male speaks over the PA. “Please keep your hands on the wheel. You have an unauthorised passenger in your vehicle. We are going to arrest him. Thank you for your co operation”

Jack looks into his mirror watching the blue eyes widen with fright.

“Sorry. Looks like this is your ride.” Jack whispers his heart breaking, knowing nothing about this other man but feeling a connection.

“Open the door.” The policeman tells the other officer with him. The door slides across with a loud bang.

“Akta.” He whispers looking around for someway out.

“Better do what they say.” Jack tells him.



The Supreme Being opens and closes his mouth, eyes shining with tears. Angry at not being able to get what he means across.

Jack looks across at the other vehicle not wanting to see the other man.

“Oh..” He says as he sits down, in the back of the cab. Eyes searching of just trying to figure something out, a picture of a young child lonely and sad stares back at him “P-P-Please h-help.”

”I’ve only got one point left on my license. I need that to get back to the garage and get the cab back up. It’s a six-month overhaul. You understand.”

“Can you please open the passenger door.” The PA calls out.

“Pl-please h-help.” Tears fall from his eyes.

Jack looks in the mirror his hands gripping the steering wheel so he doesn’t reach out and pull the man into his arms. “I can’t.”

He runs his hand over his face wiping away the tears.

“I repeat can you please open your passenger door.”

“Yeah, yeah sure. Why not.” Jack flicks a button and the door next to the man in the back slides open.

The Supreme Being moves away as a policeman connects a thick cable to the taxi. Another holds a gun on him and slowly the cable brings the two vehicles closer together.

“Thank you for your co-operation.”


Jack nods politely at the policeman. “Finger’s gonna kill me.” He clicks of the automatic button and puts the taxi into gear, pulling the cable from the police vehicle.

“One point has been removed from your.” The computer starts to say.

“Yes I know.” Jack answers before pulling the leads to stop it talking.

“On you license.” The voice stops.

The young man sits back taking a deep breath, smiling.

“This is so stupid.” Jack says to himself, laughing.


Two officers sit in the car as the radio starts.

“All units pursue yellow cab, level 10”

“Unit 47. We’re on the way.” He switches of the microphone. “As soon as we finish lunch. I’m too old, too tired and too hungry for chasin’ hot rodders and i’m definitely too thirsty.”

A yellow taxi cab zooms past them, their cold drinks spilling into their laps.


“We got lucky if they don’t chase ya after a mile, they don’t chase ya.” Just as Jack finishes, police car sirens blare from behind them. “Maybe it’s two miles. Hang on.” He turns the wheel suddenly throwing the man in the back across the seats.

The police cars follow the taxi into a dark tunnel.

“Daya deo dono Dato. Dalutan!”

“I only speak two languages: English and bad English. I’m all for conversation but maybe you could shut up for a minute.” A beeping sound comes from the dashboard. Jack presses a button SCANNING JAMMED, appears across the screen. “I don’t know what you did to piss these guys off, but they are really pissed off. Hold on.”

Jack pulls back on the wheel, the taxi is suddenly vertical as it shoots upwards straight in front of a train, with one quick flick he is off the tracks.

The Supreme Being sits in the centre of the seat looking around afraid.

“I think we’re safe for a while.”

ATTACK DETECTION in red suddenly beeps on his computer. Jack flicks of his seatbelt and ducks just hoping that the man in the back is doing the same thing. He moves the wheel, the cab turns onto its side as the police keep shooting holes into the vehicle and hopefully the people in side.

As soon as they past the building and out of weapon range Jack sits up and straps himself back into his seat.

“You wanna play it soft, we’ll play it soft. You wanna play it hard, let’s play it hard” Jack mutters to himself. He moves the wheel once again and they are doing a head-dive through the traffic.

The Supreme Being is lying across the partition shouting at Jack. Cars honking as he goes straight through them, still on his downwards spiral.

“If we make it to the fog, we’ll be all right. If we make the fog!”

The taxi finally disappears into the dense fog and hides behind a sign, seeing the flash lights of the police cars as they pass.

“We’ll just wait here till things quiet down, if you don’t mind?” Jack asks. There is no answer in any language. “Hey?” Jack opens the partition, unbuckles himself looks down and sees that the man isn’t moving. “Shit.” He climbs into the rear of the cab. Jack reaches the man’s side and looks at him.

The Supreme Being’s eyes open. “Priest.”

“You don’t need a priest, you just need a doctor.”

“Toshiko … Sato.”


“Priest.” With that he falls unconscious.

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The Fifth Element Janto Adult 4/?
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