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 The Fifth Element Janto Adult 3/?

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PostSubject: The Fifth Element Janto Adult 3/?   Wed 19 Aug - 18:39

Title: The Fifth Element Torchwood style

Author: Wereleopard

Rating: will be nc-17

Pairing: Jack/Ianto,

Spoilers: Ummm all of Torchwood cause you need to know the characters and the film The Fifth Element

Summary: Jack Harkness, a taxi driver gets dragged back into his ex-military life style when a perfect stranger lands in his cab going by the name of Ianto.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Torchwood, or The Fifth Element. I wish.

Chapter Three

Jack Harkness sat up quickly, finally managing to escape from the nightmare that had hold of him. Rubbing his eyes he turns and looks at the clock 2.00am. Clicking it the lights go on.

“To quit is my goal” The cigarette machine announces.

The phone suddenly starts to ring, the cat meows at the door.

“Hey, I’m up, all right I up.” Jack moans at all the noise and finally gets to his feet heading towards the door and the phone, picking up a cigarette on the way. “Yes, yes.”

“It’s finger.”

“Hello sweetie.” He says to the cat as he opens the flap on the door.

“I love you to Captain, but you haven’t called me that since basic training.” Said the voice on the other end of the phone.

“I was talking to the cat.” Jack muttered as he looked around for a light.

“Yeah that’s right you prefer that to the real thing. So forget about the women and go find yourself a guy. You were never that picky in the first place.”

“At least the cat comes back.” Jack said as he picked up a picture of him and another man.

“You still pining for that psycho ex of yours. John Hart was crazy you know that. There are a million men out there.” Finger told Jack.

“I don’t want a million – I just want one. A perfect one.” Jack sighed.

“Don’t exist bud.”

“Oh my god, I just found a picture of you.” Jack laughs at the image of the two of them.

“How do I look?”

“Like shit.” Jack grins forgetting that his friend can’t see him.

“Must be an old picture. Listen, you gotta bring me the cab for the 6 month overhaul.”

“It doesn’t need one.” Jack just wanted to hang up the phone.

“You’re forgetting who sat next to you for a thousand missions. I know how you drive.”

“Finger! I’m driving a cab now, not a space fighter.” Jack moaned.

“How many points you got left on your license?”

“Uh…at least fifty.” He lied through his teeth.

“In your dreams! See you tonight.” Before anything else could be said fingers had hung up.

Jack finally manages to find a box of matches lying on top of the coffee machine. A loud advert starts to blare on the television.

“Fhloston Paradise, this is Owen Harper. Your main man and I will tell you live at 5 the winner of the Gemini contest.”

Jack picks up his multi pass and walks to the door. “Don’t watch it all day sweetie, it will rot your brain.” He says to the cat. Jack looks into the security camera for a little bit making sure that the corridor was all clear. He had changed into his normal gear, trousers with suspenders, tan boots, a dark blue shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath and finished off with his long flowing old fashioned military coat.

Pressing a button and standing there is a man, with a flat square hit on his head which was covered in a picture of an empty corridor. Jack eyes the man carefully.

“Give me the cash.” The mugger says holding up the large gun.

“You been here long.” Jack forces his face to remain friendly knowing that the only danger that this guy will cause will be to himself.

“Come on give me the cash.”

“Is that a Z140, alleviated titanium neuro charged assault model?” Jack asks looking at the gun. The mugger nods his head. “Hmmm good thing for me it’s not loaded.”

“What do you mean it’s not loaded?” The mugger’s hands start to shake.

“You’ve gotta push the little yellow button.” Jack points to the button on the side of the gun.

“Ha, ha, ha.” The mugger struggles to touch it.

“Take your time.” Jack watches as the man struggles a little longer. “Do you want me to” he reaches towards the gun but the mugger manages to touch it. “There you go.”

“Give me the cash.”

A funny sound comes from the gun, it then suddenly dies. Jack pulls out his own gun and aims it at the muggers head.

“This is a very dangerous gun; you’d better let me hang onto this for you.” As he talks, a cage lowers from the ceiling beside him filled with all kinds of guns. Jack just adds this to the collection. “You don’t mind do you?”

“No.” The mugger answers as he walks backwards.

“You sure?”

“Take it.”

Jack couldn’t help the grin that finally appeared on his face as he looked at the bugger baggy patterned trousers, a leather kind of waistcoat and the corridor hat.

“That’s a very.” Jack starts to laugh but manages to compose himself. “That’s a very nice hat.”

“Do you like it?” The mugger starts dancing to the side to get away from the man he had just tried to rob.

Jack walks to his garage, takes of his long coat and places it onto the seat next to him.

“Please enter your license.” Says a robotic voice.

Jack places his pass into the slot.

“Welcome on board Mr Harkness.”

“I had the worse goddamn nightmare.” Jack mutters to himself as he starts to push buttons to start the cab up.

“You have 5 points left on your license.”

“Thanks for reminding me.”

“Have a nice day.”

Slowly the garage doors start to rise as soon as they have opened completely Jack moves the taxi forward but has to stop suddenly as a car zooms past him, he slams his hand down on the horn and then joins the other flying cars.


The President sits as his des, the Mother Superior stands in front of him, Gwen is behind her and the only other people in the room are three Unit officers, in military uniform, with their red unit caps.

“We have forty-eight hours, that’s the length of time it needs to adapt itself to out living conditions.” Toshiko says as she places her hands on the desk before her.

“And then?” The President enquires.

“And then it will be too late. The goal of this thing is not to fight over money or power but to exterminate life, all forms of life.”

The President opens and closes his mouth, then tries again to talk. “So what you’re telling me Mother Superior is that there is nothing that can stop it.”

“There is only one thing.” Toshiko says confidently.


The Dogon spaceship glides through the star filled universe, carrying its precious cargo inside.


A large book is opened to the page of the elements, Toshiko starts to explain what it all means.

“The Dogon’s have in their possession the only weapon that can defeat evil, four elements gathered around a fifth. The Supreme Being, an ultimate warrior, created to protect life. Together they create what the ancients call the light of creation able to bring life to the farthest reaches of the universe but if evil stands there.” She pauses.

The President looks up at her. “Then what?”

“Light turns to dark, life to death forever.”

“Sir, there is a Dogon ship at the frontier requesting permission to enter our territory.” A unit General’s voices breaks up the silence of what could happen.

“Give them permission and send our warmest regards.” The President orders but keeps eye contact with Toshiko.

“Thank you,” Toshiko smiles.


The Dogon pilot sits and waits a voice comes over the comm.

“Permission granted.” It presses some buttons and the ship moves forward through the dark sky, but just from behind it two smaller ships appear.

The Weevils come up close firing and watching the larger ship be destroyed, they managed to get away so they are not dragged into the fiery explosion.


Toshiko collapses into a chair. “We are lost.” Her face full of fear of what the future could now bring.


One of the Weevil pilots clicks on his comms system. “Agnot we are connected to earth.”


A short blue haired receptionist sits behind her desk doing her nails. The phone goes and she presses a button.

“Mr Manger’s office.” She replies sweetly.

“It’s Agnot.”

On hearing his name she puts him straight through to her boss, knowing that this was the call that he had been waiting for.

“I am so glad to hear you Agnot.” Mr Manger says as he looks out of his window.

“The mission was a success you shall have what you want in a few hours.”

“Good, I’ll meet you at my factory.”


The President stands, surrounded by his three Unit military advisors.

“The attack was launched by two unregistered warships.” The General told the President.

“Close all borders and declare a state of general alert.” The President ordered.

“Yes, sir.” The officer nodded at the President and left the room.

“Try to contact the Dogon’s. We owe them an explanation.”

“300 years of waiting for nothing.” Toshiko was lost in her own world.

“Mother Superior you should go and get some rest.” The President turned and looked at her.

“No the Dogon, I am their contact they will come for me.” Toshiko stands up.

“This is government business now. I will keep you informed.”

Gwen reaches over Toshiko’s shoulder closing and then picking up the large book.

General Munro leans towards the President. “The rescue team has reported from the crash site.”

“Any survivors?”

“Only one.”


An armour looking glove is being wheeled down a corridor on one side is Dr Martha Jones and the other is General Munro.

“That’s what you call a survivor.” The General looked in the glass box.

"There a few cells that are alive, that is all I need." Martha told him.

“Have you least identified it?”

“We tried but the computer went of the chart. You see normal human beings have 40 DNA memo groums, which is more than enough for any species to perpetuate. This one has 200,000 memo groums.” Martha explained.

“Sounds like a freak of nature to me.” The fluorescent light shone on him.

Martha grins. “I can’t wait to meet her.”

The two of them enter a cylindrical laboratory. There is a huge glass tube in the centre of the room with the trolley is moved towards it and the metal glove placed inside the tube

“I want to show you something General. This is a normal human DNA chain.” Martha points to image on the monitor. “The compositional elements of her DNA chain are the same as ours; there are simply more of them tightly packed. It’s as if she was engineered.”

Munro looks at the doctor with a worried look on his face. “Is there any danger?”

Martha laughs. “We put it through the cellular hygiene detector. The cell is for lack of a better word…perfect.”

Munro just stares for a moment. “Ok but Miss Perfect better be polite otherwise I turn her into cat food.” He places his key card into a slot and holds his hand over a large red button, ready to use it.

Martha starts the operation rolling. Thousands of cells form in the heart of the generator, an assemblage of DNA elements. The cells then move down a tube, like fluid, and gather in an imprint of the human body. Step by step bones are reconstructed, then the nervous and muscular systems. Whole veins wrap around the muscles. An entire body being reconstructed.

“Three seconds to ultra-violet protection.” A doctor calls from his station.

A shield comes over the body and hides it away from the prying eyes.

Martha turns to Munro. “This is the crucial phase, the reconstruction pigment. Cells are bombarded with slightly greasy solar atoms which forces the body cells to react, to protect themselves. That means growing skin.”

Flashes off light are seen through the little glass window and around the edges. Suddenly there is silence and the shield is moved back.

It revealed a man, a perfect man, lean but muscular. His body and face was just…perfect.

Munro’s hand starts to shake over the button, his mouth gaping as he stares at the Supreme Being and he understands why.

Martha moves the General’s hand away. “I told you…perfect. Thermal bandages” Straps of white material come from the sides of the glass tube covering his groin area, barely.

He suddenly takes a deep gasping breath, he arches up. The bands break. The Supreme Being is alive.

Munro is hypnotised by the beauty before him. “I’d, uh, like to get a few pictures for the archives.”

Martha turns and smirks at him.

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The Fifth Element Janto Adult 3/?
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